My new tablet and my crappy work ethic.

Finally picked up an Acer tablet w/keyboard, which more or less makes it a tiny laptop with the available memory of a goldfish. It’s not terrific but it’s just what I need for writing after my 2 foot wide laptop did some gymnastics in the back seat and didn’t stick its landing. Actually it was more like the car took off from an intersection at supersonic and the computer did 4 Gs, accomplished a very Looney Tunes-like back flip and slid down the back wall with a sickening thud reminiscent of the Christmas party when Greg Pickles passed out at the top of a flight of stairs, lost eight feet of altitude in a graceful dive and landed on his head in a pool of dark blood.

Except my laptop faired worse. Always back up your hard drive, children. It will save you days of anxiety, years of writing, and $27 for an external hard drive case.

I digress. And egress. And undress.

A lot. Often in inappropriate places.

The point of this ramble is that now that I have a sufficient means of writing which I can carry with me to work and into the muddy, mossy, rainy, inhospitable recesses of my mind places I like going, so I should finally be able to get some regular work done on my book(s) without having to idle a 250 hp Freightliner for hours to power a borrowed laptop with no battery.

It’s not that I’m lazy, nor that I don’t totally fucking LOVE TO WRITE like a tween obsessed with vicarious tales of a love triangle betwixt an indecisive, lip biting, emo chick, a hundred year old sparkly pedophile, and a dog; I’m just easily distracted… often in my own sentences……


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