the shared dementia of Aaron Robins Buttigieg

Canadian Writer and Forest-Dweller

the shared dementia of Aaron Robins Buttigieg

Welcome to the place where I stick my stuff. (Just the stuff I want you to look at.) This is the free stuff. I’m finishing up a novel you can learn more about in Books and Excerpts that has taken so long I started compiling an anthology of  horror fiction that will likely precede it.

I write a lot of disturbing short stories and flash fiction that is of the horror persuasion, or as one reviewer recently summed it up: “…just goddamn unsettling.” 
If you want stories that will give you chills (good or bad) or compel you to go from room to room with a kitchen knife, turning on all your lights, see: Disturbing Shit.

I also started a separate category for Horrific Poetry.

And of course, we mustn’t overlook the fact that I’m full of Deranged Humour

Aaaaand Rainy Day Thoughts is where you’ll find the stuff I write sitting in my truck, listening to raindrops on the windshield or in a wigwam in the bush, as lightning splits white pines around me.

You may find that my writing is usually set in Canada, in a place where I’ve lived, and often in the bush or rural areas, involving rural activities. There are very few skyscrapers in the world I live in. It’s mostly dark clouds gathered on the horizon, garrisons of black spruce on the ridge, and a sky blacker than black should be, with far more stars than you’re used to seeing, fringed with auroral ribbons of green, and with something moving in the darkness ahead, calling out to you in a familiar voice…
A whisper that somehow….. doesn’t seem quite right…..

Oh and if you’d like to stay updated, you can find me on Facebook , or if you want to see pictures of taxidermied rodents re-enacting Shakespeare or the horses I’m currently training to aid me in my bid for world domination, or the Alaskan Huskies who do my evil bidding, my Instagram account is aaronrobinsbuttigieg

If you’d like to contact me to call me names, say harsh things about my mother, or question the nature of the relationship I have with my dog, you can email me at:

(Letter that sounds like ‘sea’)   (First letter of the alphabet)   buttigieg  (that weird ‘a’ symbol with a tail that loops around and means ‘AT’

Yes, I am going to make you translate that shit and type it out. All one word of course. I’m sure you’ll manage, as long as you’re not a Cylon…. or a Dalek….
…..or a sexy killer robot sent back in time to kill John Connor…
Or if you follow my page on Facebook, you can even send me a text message or scream at me over the phone.

(No more nudes, please, whoever keeps sending them. That’s an inhuman amount of body hair. It’s like a still-shot from the Patterson film…. or a mole rat drowning in shag carpeting.)


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